What we do for you
We can even deal with Council for you.
Building a new home is an exciting endeavour. We strive to make the process run as smoothly as possible in order for you to enjoy your home building experience.

We offer step-by-step consultation and expert guidance
all the way. We can consult with you about the design.

Once plans have been finalised, we will give you a price to
build. We can include whatever items you require to suit
your lifestyle and budget. Then, subject to your approval,
you can sign a contract for us to proceed and build your
new home.
If you need a hand, we can have an interior designer
to assist you.
This is the fun part. It's your home, so you get to choose
everything. For any of our homes, the choice of specific
inclusions is yours up to the allowance amounts
included in the quote.

For example, if you would like to have a very large kitchen
we will provide a greater allowance in the quote than for
a smaller modest kitchen.

Our team of highly skilled tradespeople take immense pride
in their work. To ensure your new home is constructed to
the highest standards, Harbour Design Homes' owner,
Geoff Harrigan will regularly visit your site and keep you
informed of progress.
Costs can be reduced by ensuring at least half
the waste from building is recycled.
As part of our commitment to minimise environmental impact,
Harbour Design Homes offer clients the option to build under
the HIA GreenSmart program.

This program promotes technologies, design principles and
building practices which can significantly improve the quality
of home building in Australia.

GreenSmart homes can reduce the cost of running a home,
are better for the environment, provide great levels of
comfort and value for money.

Harbour Design Homes, Coffs Harbour Australia
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